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2010 gear change


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I am not much of a gear head but I have to ask, if you change the rear end to a 3.73 in a 2010 GT500 do you have to do any programming to the ECM?


Yes, you have to recalibrate the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) to compensate for the gear ratio change.


The speedo is PCM driven and the PCM gets a signal from the Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS).


The PCM needs to know that the car is going X miles per hour not only to deliver the right signal to the dash, but to deliver the right output signals to the various output devices (i.e. injectors & smog controls, etc.)


It's a simple process to recal the speedo. Any dealership can do it for a minimal charge. I think some tuners (eg SCT) have the capibility too.



Phill Pollard

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