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Where are all the 2010 Super Snakes?

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I have not heard of or seen any 2010 SS owners or pics other than the blue press car.


What is up with this?


The 2010 SS is the best looking Mustang to date IMO.


I am not considering one as I don't have the cash, but am planning on picking up a 2011 GT500 and wanted to try and buy the carbon fiber lower side skirts and most importanly front splitter which I think look much better than the cheap plastic stuff.


Are these available for sale separately? I know with the 07-09 they sold this stuff to non SS owners or at least I thought so



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I know if you scroll down the column or go back a page on this forum, Roger posted pics of the 2010 Snake in Red, Silver, Grabber Blue, Black, and a red 2010 vert. I'm still waiting for him to post pics of the 2010 Snake in Performance White. :waiting:



I hope that answers your question. Unless you're looking for actual 2010 owners or pics of the 2010 production snakes.

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