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New Carbon Fiber CAI from JLT Performance


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2005 -09 Mustang GT

Real Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intake

CFCAI-FMG-0509 $399


Painted Fiber glass Cold Air Intake

FPCAI-FMG-0509 $379



Finally we have released our Carbon Fiber CAI and color matched fiberglass kits for all 2005-09 Mustang GT’s. This monster is huge and looks awesome. With its 110mm MAF housing and 4.5” free flowing tube, it’s by far the largest you can get.

Why so big? Well, with many N/A 4.6’s hitting the 360-400 RWHP we saw room for air flow improvement. Not only that but the requests for a carbon fiber intake were overwhelming. We are currently checking to see if this fits with Saleen blower cars, which will benefit greatly from this monster.


We are currently conducting more tests on high HP cars, but so far have seen 10 RWHP gains in the 350 RWHP range.


We took a basically stock, 2005 Mustang GT that had only a JLT CAI and SCT tune package and did some more testing to check low end TQ gains or loses and idle MAF counts.

We strapped the car down and built our own custom tune for 93 fuel and made a couple runs. The car responded very well putting down 289 RWHP and 304 RWTQ. Not bad for nothing more then a JLT CAI and tune. We went on to test a few different tunes for the 89mm JLT CAI and then we installed the Carbon Fiber 110mm kit and custom tune. Idle was nice and smooth with crisp throttle response. A couple runs later we were happy to see we didn’t lose and TQ, but gained 3-4 ft lbs through out the RPM range. Peak gains went up to 293 RWHP and 308 RWTQ with HP and TQ gains from start to finish and this was on a hot engine.


We built this kit for higher horsepower cars, but learned it works just as well on a stocker. The kits are available alone or packaged with a SCT tuner and our custom tunes.


These kits are ready and shipping. You can find them here: JLT CAI packages 2005-09 Mustang GT

Thank you

Jay Tucker


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Looking nice there Jay. I'm installing a whipple this spring, or I'd consider switching your older unit for this newer one. It really looks sweet though. Have you got, or do you plan to have anything to compliment the whipple?


As a matter of fact, we do have a plan for a CF whipple replacement tube. Stay tuned...

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