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Ford's issued a recall of defective 2010 GT500 rear tires


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Hidden behind Toyota recalls and its own brake recall, Ford's issued a recall of defective 2010 Shelby GT500 rear tires. How the recall affects you below so you can possibly keep your family alive.


The scope of the issue is incredible, with a staggering 243 muscle cars affected by the potentially deadly defect. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration the tire loading and information requirements printed on the tires does NOT conform to "federal motor vehicle safety standards No. 110."



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headscratch.gif Don't know...





Bottom line, ITS NOT TRUE. Second its not funny or sarcastic,its just a lie.Ive sent a link to Mulallt at Ford for their info-- of slander is what kills brand value,and for us Shebly owners,will hurt resale values

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Guest markham51

True or not true? Slander?


Here are some numbers to call according to the attached article if you want to talk to Ford....








Jalopnik was making fun of the issue raised by NHTSA about the tire labels on a few cars. I personally thought their approach was funny. Yesterday it took me 3 gears to find pavement in my SS...tire problems?...yes the smell told me one day ill peel them right off!!!! :peelout:

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