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Looking for Local TS Members...


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Just seeing if there are any TS members local to Modesto. I seen a red/white one the other day.


OH and I got the GT500 down here last weekend. I four-wheeled it out of Tahoe. :hysterical:


All is good - just waiting to put the springs on in the next week or so. :lurk:

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I have a house at the lake don pedro area that I go to in the summer during lake season. Just thought I would share. We go to Modesto but ussually Sanora.


Hopefully we will meet some time.



Yeah that'd be great! I just got out here from Ohio and I want to find some local people. Keep in touch.


- Gabe

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I live in Modesto.

I'm going on Sunday. I always have a good time at the GTG's. Good people. (They drive mustangs right? ;) )

PM me if you decide to go and want to cruise to Tracy.



Absolutely. I just talked to Craig today. So far looks like we have clear weather. happy%20feet.gif


PM sent.

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