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Saturday Cruise

Sherri  Leicht

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We will be meeting up at this Starbucks about 7:30 Sat. morning, Feb. 6th. The best parking will be out in the TX Roadhouse lot and it is a short walk to the SB. There is an IHOP there if anyone wants to be very early.


We need to be on the road no later than 8:00 to hopefully get some parking spots together at C&C. If the weather is super, the place will be packed.


See you all bright and early :)



Starbucks at Hwy 290 & Hwy 6

13301 FM 1960 West, Houston, TX, 77065 USA



I can not seem to catch a break on timing!!! I will be in the process of moving this Sunday so I will have to take a pass this time around. On a more positive not this should mean I will have mmy car to attend the March one.

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I have been wanting to make it to this meet for the past few months. Unfortunately I have to work this Sat, so I will miss it again. I may just go to the Hooters meet on 45 and Nasa Rd 1 Sat night instead, if they still do it there. Enjoy the Coffee and Cars, I here it's a really nice meet. I'll make it there one of these times.

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