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Jack Stand Pads


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I have these pair of Craftsman 3 Ton Jack Stand, picked up them up on sale and so far have worked well. I'm looking for some pads usually made of rubber/plastic that slip over the stand arms to help from damaging the jacking point.





The pads would look something like these




I picked the pads pictured above at harbor freight but they were too large to work with my Craftsman stands.


Any ideas? Also do you guys use had kind of pad or cushion on your jack also?

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No problem J-train I still appreicate the reply, my past was a bit busy with all the pictures and text broken up.


Thanks for the link ItalianStallion, I like how indepth that site is with all the different sizes of stand sizes.


Thanks SVTPower I'll check them both out, right now I'm leaning towards the site Stallion posted as it seems they are pretty specfic and should fit first try.

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I'm looking at the jack pads also. Given the jacking points on the 2010 GT500 would it be better to get the flat jacking pad or the side lift jack pad?






Side life jack pad



On my 97 Cobra I'd use the Side Life Jack Pad




Yea, this is ideal stuff. Pro Tech has it figured out.

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