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48k for a Brand New 2010 Gt500 great?


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I believe 48K is below MSRP for a 2010, so if the color combo options are what you're wanting I say go for it. That is if you're sure you don't want the SVT package, glass roof, aluminium block, and color combo offered on the 2011 that isn't for the 2010.


Good luck either way you'll end up with a GT500 so it's win win!!!

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Is 48k for a full ops 2010 gt500 great with the 2011 Gt500 coming out?


Or should I just wait?


I dont mind waiting though.






MSRP on a fully loaded (as in Electronics Pckg) 2010 is 51,270.........so yes, its a good deal, and you won't be able to wipe that smile off your face when you drive it out of the dealership!

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thanks for the replies.


I wont be paying taxes and gas guzzler since I am shipping the car out of the country.


I know the invoice will cost 44500.


the car got everything except shaker 1000.


I am offered 48k.


was gonna seal the deal at 45k cash but dont think that would ever happen.


I could wait though. Not in any rush since the 2011 will be out soon...I DEFINITELY WILL WAIT.


Hoping for more inputs =)

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