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Black Sunshine On Sportlines


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Installed the Sportlines, BMR Adjustable Panhard Bar, and Camber bolts this afternoon.

Used the "Spring Cmpressor-less" install method for the front worked absolutely perfect. I used two of the 4 camber bolts I got to correct 2 degrees in front, I will take it for a alignment next week, but I think the Camber is probably about perfect, just a little more negative than factory but still in specs(I suspect)


Anyway, looks pretty bad ass, I drove it a bit, and the ride feels about the same, I am still on stock dampers BTW. Not sure what I am gonna switch to later, maybe try Bilstiens.










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Awesome looking! Wow what a difference that makes. How much did the eibachs actually lower the car? Is it an equal amount front and rear?

Thanks for the great pics. Can't wait to do this to mine...




SO far it lowered it almost exactly what they advertise, which I believe was 1.7" front and 2.2" back, I suspect they will settle a little more.


I had about 3" of tire to fenderwell lip gap in back and 2" in front stock. I wish it was a even 2" drop though, I wanted a little more rake, I am going to switch to aftermarket wheels down the line, I may get my rake back with the stagger tire size. I don't know for sure if it will fit or not, but I want to stuff a 305/35/20 in back and a 275/35/20 in front.

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