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what was that??


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So Im getting on I285 yesterday and traffic was moving well,but crowded---5lanes wide.Theres a few cars behind me on the entry ramp--we have one of thise idiotic red light entry deals.I get on and am hannging in the entrance lane looking to move to my left,and i see a white rice burner vert haning on my bumper in my entrance lane. I was able to get way over into the speed lane--evrything cool.Then this rice burner comes roaring uo behind me.God must have smilng that day,because the tarffic opens up for maybe 1/4 mile in front of me,and the rice burner pulls next to--we're both doing like 70--then he stays next to me. Ive said Ive never do this again,but i was in 4th and i figure what the heck--so i blast off and this guy almost stayed withme.I was clsoing fast on trafiic and looked down and was doing 120,at that point has was several cars back, and stayed there.It was an ugly car,thinkit was a celica,but he must have been SC or turboed--any idea what it was--oh, BTW very loud

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That is funny. And yes becareful, have friends that own Z1 motorsports and they build all Z cars. Very good friend has a 300zx that was a NA motor converted to Twins, he built the motor to handle close to 30lb boost. and when he turns it up he can smoke tires at 80mph.


When he had it tuned on the Dyno he put down about 675RWHP. And this was with timing and air/fuel a little out of wack.


Oh yeah. his car is white also. But you would have known if it was him bacause he would have been in front. lol


PS. Super Speeder law is now in operation! :banghead:

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From experience, a turbo-charged car will spool so fast under the right configuration that the amount of torque produced will get an acceleration advantage briefly until it dies at the high range. A normally aspirated with SC like the Shelby will usually own everything at higher speeds like 100mph+. Next time try dropping to 3rd from a 70mph roll and see how you'll launch, and then mostly likely squirm the backend as you get traction.

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