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Jersey, Channel Islands GT 500 KR Owner

Alexander Fearn

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Hi all, not such a new Team Shelby member but just recently noticed this forum for Europe. Good to see others have the fever as much as I do.


I imported a 2009 GT 500 KR #441 from Tasca Ford, RI last year, it had to be converted to make it road legal in Jersey (stricter than the UK), and finally got it road legal and registered in June 2009.


Since then it has been pace car at the Jersey International Motoring Festival June 2009, attended the Mustang Owner's Club of Great Britain's 45th Mustang Anniversary (&MOCGB 30th) track event at Mallory Park in July 2009 and also entered (under MSA rules) the Classic & Vintage Motor Racing Club of Jersey's 1/4 mile sprint during August's Jersey Speed Festival.


I was lucky enough to have Bob Tasca Snr sign the dash of the car, which means a great deal to me personally.


1,500 miles now just reached last weekend, during my first drive of 2010.


The car is Torch Red with silver Le Mans stripes.


With Kind Regards

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