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Fairmont Butte Motorsports Park


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Hey everyone -


The LA Shelby club has been providing updates to a proposed *new* road course to be built in Lancaster, CA. It appears that the County of LA has been hearing public support (or the lack thereof) on the construction. Saturday, Feb 6th the County planning commission is meeting to hear further arguments for/against the construction of the track. If you're in the LA area, want to see a new course built and have the time to show your support, you should plan on attending.


Here's the email I was sent:



Fairmont Butte Motorsports Park Update

In an unusual turn of events, the environmentalist community has secured a follow-up LA County Planning Commission meeting on Saturday, Feb. 6, in Lancaster. These meetings would normally occur in downtown Los Angeles on a weekday. The effect will be to make it much easier to pack the room with anti-track environmentalists. It is very important that we get a large turnout of Fairmont Butte Motorsports Park supporters. NUMBERS COUNT!!!

Tom Malloy has offered to provide bus transportation for track supporters from his race shop in Corona and his Trench Shoring business location in Gardena to Lancaster for this critical meeting. Tom has said he will also provide lunch to those supporters. Tom is willing to do this if he can get enough supporters to fill a bus.

NOW is the time to act to help secure a facility that will support our passion.

Please contact Tom Malloy at malloy@aol.com to reserve a space on one of his buses. Otherwise, make arraignments to travel on your own. YOUR SUPPORT IS CRITICALLY NEEDED.

Also, please forward this to any clubs and/or individuals that attend open track driving events. And, don’t forget to send letters of support to the LA County Planning Commission and the LA County Supervisor as described in the attached flyer too.



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