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Who is on the list for the GT350?

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How many members on the site have ordered a GT350 or plan to? I am very close. Was considering Super Snaking my GT500 but now am leaning towards the GT350.




Got one reserved but still debating until ordered

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I think 15K will get you a number BELOW 100.


10K gets you the next number available after 100.





If that's the going rate, then I'll be happy to wait for #547...


By then, I should get a 10K "credit" for having to wait so long...




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Those were some killer cakes though!!! :happy feet:





I do plan on keeping the GT500 as well. We have been through too much together not to... and yeah, with a 2 car garage, it will be interesting to see what solution I can come up with. Luckily, my in-laws have a 4 car garage, a 4 car shop, and a horse barn(no animals) I keep my 24ft Jetboat in. I could always just get rid of the boat! Im looking into having them let me build a 2 car garage in the back side of their property to keep the cars in and keep a 2 car hauler back there as well. We will see how that flies... :superhero:

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