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Lethal Performance 2010 GT500 NEW BEST


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Another great night at the track. The Lethal Performance 2010 GT500 made its way deeper into the 9's cracking off a 9.66@146.19mph. The weather was in the 60's with a little bit of moisture in the air. Jeremy Martorella of UPR Products pulled the car up to the line for our first run of the evening. With the 2 step set at 2100 he made the launch. First gear looked awesome and so did the 1-2 shift.. However after the shift the car broke loose and started going sideways but Jeremy's professional race experience got the car back in the groove and down the rest of the track shifting as fast as an automatic could. As he passes the traps the board lit up with a 9.66@146.19mph. The car ran 114.14mph through the 1/8th.


After the run Jeremy pulled back to the trailer and got out of the car. After congratulating him he said that we forgot something. He takes a walk to the back of the car, pops the trunk to show us that our old axles and stock differential were still in there. We forgot to remove them after the new stuff was installed. He said when he made the 1-2 shift he heard a loud bang from the back of the car. He didn't know what it was until he remembered that we just had the rear end work done. DOH!! The car also had 3 gallons of methanol in the tank in the trunk. A good 80+lbs of unnecessary weight which could have been removed.


This is still using a 4" pulley which produces 21.5psi. We were using C16 with no methanol and blower only. No changes were made besides the rear end since our last outing at the track. We're going to continue working on the suspension and once it's dialed in we'll turn up the boost. Our goal we're working towards is to make an 8 second pass with the 6 speed.


Big thanks to everyone involved. UPR Products, Whipple Superchargers, Boss330 Racing, Kris@ Champion Racing Heads, Power By the Hour, Jon Lund, Revan Racing, Shelby Performance, Steeda, Autosports, BMR Fabrication, SCT, Fore Precision Works, Reische Performance, Mustang Racing Performance, Bogart, Mcleod Clutches, Moroso Performance, The Driveshaft Shop and lastly all of our families, friends and customers for all of their support.


1.487 60ft

6.289@114.15mph 1/8th

9.665@146.19 1/4




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What suspension mods are you running on your car? Nice run man..




BMR K-Member, Adjustable A-Arms and Radiator Support Delete

QA1 Coil Overs -Front with UPR springs

QA1 Double Adjustable Rear Shocks

Eibach rear springs (We're taking them out and putting the stockers back in)

UPR Pro-Series Upper and Lower Control Arms, UPR Pro-Series Adjustable Panhard rod and Spherical Axle Bushing, UPR Upper control arm mount

Steeda Torque Box Brace

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