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My new black grill / grille

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That definitely look better!


I think that probably only works with the black SGT, but I think it looks killer!

Has anyone here installed the Prudhomme-style mesh grill on an SGT yet? If so, I'd love to see pics.





Are you referring to this one? If so, I would like to see one installed as well. Sweet grill, but crazy $500 price tag!



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I like it ! :shades:


I've been wondering for awhile how a black billet grille would look. Now I'm really glad I went black on the lower one, just in case I go upper as well.


Great job !!

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For the lower stripes, I just bought about $5 worth of silver vinyl from the local sign guy, and spent a little time with a razor blade making my own... they aren't perfect in my opinion, but neither are the factory ones... I've noticed that the underside of the splitter already has two small sections torn, I suspect because I might not have cleaned it good enough under there and maybe a rock or two caught the stripe, not really sure, but looks fine on the visible portions so i'm happy!

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Any details on the lower stripes?

For the lower air splitter stripes, contact MrFarmdog: http://www.teamshelby.com/forums/index.php?/user/6284-mrfarmdog/


He'll cut them for fit along with providing instructions. Good Luck !

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I think my 20's may have killed my retro look more than the black grill would.... but didn't the gt350r's have black grills?



I have been thinking about doing it myself. I like the look... I might put the mustang emblem on it.


Thanks for your post.



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I hope I am not hijacking this thread........ since it is about the black grille, I think it fits? I installed both the upper and lower black grilles about a year ago. Although the fit was excellent, the finish is not holding up at all. It is chipped up pretty bad. I have no other chips on the fascia or the hood, but the grilles are looking pretty bad. I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this or if I just got some from a bad run? For the amount of work that it would take to have them blasted and powdercoated, I could just buy new ones cheaper. For comparison, I have had a Carriage Works black billet grille on my F150 for several years and many, many more miles and I cannot find one paint chip on that? I love the look and fit of the black billet grilles, but the durability of the finish is aweful. The paint on the running pony emblem is also disappearing? I am just wondering what other peoples experiences are and if maybe I just got some bad ones. I would hate to replace them, only to have it happen all over again?

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