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New lightweight rotors for my SGT

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I put a set of GT500 brakes on my Shelby GT at the start of this year. Love the brakes but HATED the huge weight penalty so I contacted a company who has done some other light weight rotors for us and had them build these for me.


The stock front GT500 rotor weighs in at a hefty 25 pounds. The new front rotor weighs in at only 20 pounds.


The stock rear Mustang/GT500 rotor weighs in at 13 pounds. The new rear rotor weighs in at only 9 pounds.


I'm a weight freak when it comes to modifying cars so being able to drop 18 pounds of sprung weight off the car is a big deal to me.


The rotors are two piece, slotted and use an aluminum hat. Direct replacement for all four corners on the GT500 and the rears fit the normal GT.


Here's a picture of the rotors:





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Not that I had any doubt but today I was messing around in the garage and put the front rotors on. Until you hold both in your hand you don't really get how much savings is there in weight! That 5 pounds is very noticable when you are holding them both.


Anyway, fitment was absolutely perfect, breeze of a job to do. Gave me a chance to clean the inside of my wheels while I was at it.


I was going to put the rears on but I am still debating on whether or not I'm putting gears in the car, if I do I don't want to take it apart twice.


I'll update again as soon as I drive it or install the rears.

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Not related to the brakes but interest in lightweight parts around here seem to be low so thought I just post this here rather than starting a new thread.


I added a Dynotech aluminum driveshaft to the car today. Weight savings was substantial, install was easy. I also put the Ford Racing rear end cover/girdle on the car, no more ugly rusted rear diff cover.

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