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Just called about ordering a GT500


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Mike Bass Ford

Sheffield, OH



I just called in and talked to a very nice guy named Ryan. Ryan tells me that they have 4 on their list. He states that while they have no idea how many they'll be allocated, he tells me that for a $100 deposit for (price protection(, I can come down and order one right now if I feel like it. He offered to walk me through the entire thing. He states they got their order guide yesterday, and that they were told 7,000 cars, and there's 4,500 dealers. :nonono:


Anyhow, if this is true, maybe some people on here could give them a try. I point blank asked Ryan about dealer mark upmand gouging. He stated that lots of poeple did it with the GT40 and the Thunderbird, but that their dealership doesn't participate in that. I told him about the craziness I've seen, and he said "Come on down, we'll get it taken care of".


Again, the guy's name is Ryan, and if he's not there, he directed me to a guy named Curt Miller.


Good luck guys, hope this helps. :happy feet:

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