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Xeonon Fog lights.


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i was installing my fog lights that i just got in and the only thing i don't understand is the the wire you hook from the ballast to the old light plug i guess. it has just bare connectors not any plug or anything. What do i do



that is a picture of the part.

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you have three options just plug it in like that and cover it with electrical tape.


Option 2 the original plug remove the inside and install that one in the picture.


Option 3 it comes with connectors to help connect it to the original harness... two red connectors


if you need more help just let me know...



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Thanks thats what i needed to know. just wasn't sure i was supposed to plug it in and cover it. just didn't feel right. Have you installed headlight also? i got those but that looks like a whole new concept lol.


I got this kit from HIDguy.net


5-09 Mustang Headlights H13/9008 HID Kit (Bi-xenon Hi & Lo Kit)

Bi-xenon Kelvin Ratings - 5,000k - Extreme Whit

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