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New to the boards, but had the car a while


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I am new to the forums here and have lurked a while reading threads.


I own 5562, a white 07 Shelby GT.


I am one of the people that make yours worth more. I drive the heck out of it. I bought it Oct of 2007 and it has been my daily driver. I have eaten a rock in the windshield and I have road rash on the front bumper and hood from driving it on the Interstate every day. I had the exhaust fall off, as many of you had happen as well, and the car spent 3 weeks with idiots who ordered GT parts for the car and couldn't figure why it didn't fit. Other than dealerships not having a clue how to order replacement parts (they couldn't even put in the hood pins correctly when I had them replaced), I have enjoyed the car tremendously. ( I came onto this board for info for the 1-800 number to Ford Racing and had to give it to the dealership)


I have driven it enough that it will need a new set of tires soon as well. If you see a white Shelby GT between Hampton VA and Williamsburg VA, chances are it is me. I drive it down to Raleigh, NC about once a month, and I have seen a Black Shelby GT in the Zebulon area a few times.


I have only given into the kid in me once, when a Ford Lightning truck raced me at the Bush Garden exit off I-64. I was absolutely distraught when I got about 4 car lengths in front of him and neither of us could close or gain any distance till we ran out of drag strip and had to back it down at 120. I cheered up when I found out he had a supercharged 5.4L in there and my stock 4.6 pulled out ahead and he couldn't close on me. I think there is more to our little pony then the 314 hp sticker says. One day I will drag it to a dyno and find out. For the most part, if you have seen me in my car, you had a good chance to pass me since I am most likely in the right lane doing the speed limit or 5 over.


This is my second mustang, as I put 300k miles on my 91 GT and it was time to upgrade the daily driver. I own 4 blue ovals including the two mustangs, a 1930 Model A Hot Rod (engine from a 68 GT350), and now a 1956 Ford F250 truck. I grew up in a car family and always wanted a Shelby Mustang. I had just gotten a new job with a nice pay raise in Oct 2007 and went to go buy a Ranger truck when I saw the White Shelby GT in the show room. I was wearing my dirty clothes I had just changed the oil and replaced the plugs and wires on the 91 Mustang, and I was doing my best to make the salesman think I could only barely afford a Ranger so I could drive the price down some. After seeing the Shelby, I told him I was going to come back with a trade and buy that car. He was rather surprised when I got my wife's crippled Saab there and actually did buy the car.


I have to say the car is simply amazing. Most really fast cars I have driven do not behave at 10-15 mph. Speed limits on Military bases are not suggestions, they will very quickly show you blue lights and smile politely if you give excuses. The Shelby doesn't try to disagree when I need to keep it at 15 or 25 or any speed at all. Even my tired 91 tries to walk the speed up some. When I need to pass, I just downshift and don't have to ask the car please. Sometimes I drive the country roads between Surry and the Jamestown Ferry in third gear just to hear the awesome exhaust roar (when my wife isn't screaming that is). Between the handling, quickness and looks, I can't imagine owning a more perfect car.



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