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New Team Shelby 3.0 Design Available


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Welcome to the new look of Team Shelby 3.0. :happy feet:


We've taken the classic colors from the Team Shelby 2.0 site, which were neither dark or light and incorporated them into 3.0. So you should be familiar with the color scheme. :shift:


New features and minor changes will performed throughout Sunday night and Monday, but we don't except much down time during this process.


If you would still like to view the seasonal skin, simply go to the lower left hand corner of the site and click on the "Team Shelby 3.0" drop down box and select the "Team Shelby Seasonal December" link.


Click here to see what's new in Team Shelby 3.0

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Hats off to the Team @ Team Shelby, I know it is a lot of work, job WELL DONE!


Really like the colors, better than the CF on the previous version. And by keeping a drop down to have "optional skins" the people that enjoy wearing seasonally themed sweaters will also be happy....

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