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Horror! GT500 owners beware... I hope you have a strong stomach


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Hey, i've done it too, in fact mine still has little hairs on the edge of the lip! lol And I hate it...


BUT to leave it like that is what pains me.. It's like "hey I don't even need to use the handbrake... poifect"



I just sand paper the spitter from time to time to keep the "hair" from getting too stubbly! I haven't made that mistake yet! I just drag a bit going in and out of my garage unless I'm very careful.



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Back in early '07 when Ford started shipping the GT 500, the transporters were tearing the splitters off regularly. My dealer had to replace it on my coupe before I took possesion. I don't think I've seen a spliter that was not scraped, (except for my vert which has 19 miles on it).

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