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UPS Guy must be getting sick of me.............Merry X-mass to me!!!!!!!!!!

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Awesome! My airbag cover should be delivered to the cscf tomorrow, I can't wait either, but no new sounds for my sgt yet... How long from when cscf recieved the cover was it till you got it back?




Sent it on the 4th so 11 days. With the Holidays coming I think that is pretty good.

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Got 3 Packages today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






Got my Air Bag Cover, I love the way the Signature came out, was afraid of it being to small.


Got my Kicker system as well, debating whether I want to install myself or get it done.


Happy Early X-mass to me!!!!!!!!!


congrats Carnut! BTW, I think I missed your birthday last week???? Sorry, happy belated BD and hope you had a great day.........Craig

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Sure must be high on Santa's GOOD list.


Certainly you should be able to install the Kicker System if you have been able to pull the air bag cover. Guys I met from Kicker at the Woodward DreamCruise kept repeating it as a plug and play. Difficulties should only be getting a panel off to get the old speakers out.


BTW - I am puzzled as to why picture links are not working since this Christmas decoration site came out. I can only open Thumbnail posts and links to websites? Could use help from any onyone else reading.



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