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Brake installation Instructions


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Is there any reason you can't use a c-clamp to compress the piston in the rear caliper?


I've used this method before. Not on a Shelby, but as long as you're careful I'm sure it would work.


You cannot use just a C-clamp to reset the rear caliper pistons. The pistons must be turned in a clockwise direction while appling pressure to push them back into the caliper; this generally applies to rear brakes that combine the parking brake mechanism into the caliper. I use a caliper tool kit that's available from Harbor Freight. It allows me to turn the piston while applying forward pressure against a backing plate that's braced to the opposite side of the caliper.



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Here are the Big Brake kit installation instructions going from standard GT500 (standard, Brembo 4 piston) to the later 6 Piston Brembos and larger rear rotors with the axle flange replacement (axles pulled to install). Gives the brake bleeding process.  Separated into 2 parts - space limitations



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