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Hello everyone, I wanted to Know if any of you guys lived close to heflin, AL I just recently purchased my shelby from Buster Miles ford and wanted to see if you guys had any good or bad things to say about this dealer or if someone lives really close by to see if they can check out the car for me. I would be really thankfull any comments will help thank you guys I have been through ups and downs trying to buy this shelby I had order twice a 2010 but both times they canceld my order and third and final one they had a VIN# but i would have to wait to the end of JAN 10 and i am sick of waiting so bougth an 09 I am so happy with purchase but I am just worried because down here in south florida a dealer will sell you a car and F*** you over for a $1. Hoping to join this great shelby family soon :shift:

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