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Aeroforce gauge

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This is the new gauge I installed, I still have the gauge pod, Install time was around 15 minutes, Had to order a Roush a/c vent gauge install bucket, air still works thur the vent and this is what it will do




RPM, MPH, Intake Air Temperature (post Intercooler)

Ambient Air Temperature (pre Intercooler)

Engine Coolant Temperature

Exhaust Gas Temperature (PCM Calculated)

Transmission Temp. (auto trans)

Manifold Pressure (vacuum/boost) displayed in PSIFuel Temperature, Battery Voltage, Battery Temp

Injector Pulse Width in msec.

Injector Duty Cycle (%)

Air Flow Rate into engine

Long Term Fuel Trim

Short Term Fuel Trim

O2 Sensor Voltage

Barometric Pressure

Ignition Advance

Base Spark

PCM Spark Adjust

Fuel Status (open/closed loop)

Wastegate Solenoid Duty Cycle (%)

Knock Retard

Knock Sensor Raw Voltage

Throttle Position Percentage

Throttle Position Sensor Raw Volts

Calculated Net Horsepower

Engine Load

Transmission Slip

Current Transmission Gear

Torque Delivered to Transmission

Torque Converter lockup status

Brake pressure

Brake Booster Travel

Steering Angle

Non-driven Wheel Speed

Lateral G's


Fuel economy (instantaneous and average)

P-ratio - pressure ratio MAP/Barometer

2 user configurable analog inputs**



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Yea there was 4 things I wanted to know, A/F ratio, trans temp, air temp to the s/c and voltage to the TB. I always wanted to know these things while I was at the track,, I forgot one important thing, When there is a blue car anywhere near me, it will alert me, Rick






I did not see where you have the read out for properly arming the car to car missiles or the read out for switching from missiles to guns. Did I miss that? :D



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