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Reinstalling my 8.8 rear end

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Okay so I decided I want to paint my rear end because I hated looking at that rust on her. My question is when I reinstall it does anything need to be torqued down to specs? I had someone do it for $275 the last time and now there is no way I can afford to do that. Any input or suggestions is appreciated.


Matts :shift:

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here are the specs (ford recommends using new bolts)

shocks upper 30 ft lbs

shocks lower 85 ft lbs

sway bar upper 85 ft lbs

sway bar lower 52 ft lbs

panhard bar 129 ft lbs

control arms 129 ft lbs

3rd link 129 ft lbs

caliper bracket 76 ft lbs

driveshaft 12 pt 12 mm 76 ft lbs

speed sensor 11 ft lbs

caliper 24 ft lbs

these were the spec used when building your car to an SGT

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Bringing this topic back up to the top for additional help...



What type of fluids re needed to run this thing efficiently?


any friction fluids? what weight of oil is needed 75 80?



All info on fluid types & capacities can be found in the owners guide, towards the back. The diff. fluid

is synthetic, and not cheap.

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