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4:10's finally installed

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'08 SGT #574 (5 Speed)

I have owned the car for exactly 2 years.

Present mileage = 10,000 miles.


At 5,000 miles BRENSPEED installed KOOKS LT headers, KOOKS Cats, COMP "THUMPER CAMS" w/ phaser limiters, Steeda under pullies, Steeda delete plates.

Brenspeed 93 Octane tune.


Installing Comp or Ford Racing Thumper Cams moves the HP and Torgue more mid range. Both suggest NLT 3:73 gears. I read many threads abour 3:73 vs 4:10. I was leaning towards 4:10's but leary about elevated RPM's on the highway at ~70 MPH.


I discovered Alex who owns and operates "Money Maker Racing" in Laporte, In., (~20 minutes from where I live). PS, you can check out his Money Maker Racing WEB site. He races (3) Mustangs in NHRA, IHRA and is a world Camp in his field class.


Anyway, he advised going to 3:73's (when already having 3:55's) would be a big waste of money and not very noticable.

So, I listened to the master and had him install Ford Racing 4:10's.

WOW!. what a difference. The cars REALLY hooks up off the line and the engine not only performs better, BUT my gas milage actually increased from 12.5 - 13 MPG to ~14.5 MPG. Just because the engine in running more efficiently at a slightly higher RPM and in the HP range (due to the CAMS).


Now for the concern about Highway RPM's...


at 70 MPH in 5th gear;


3:55's = 2000 RPM


4:10's = 2400 RPM.


Thats all the difference. Heck, now I'm thinking I should have installed Ford Racing 4:30's.


Some disccoveries..

The SGT dirve shaft and rear axle are not the same as the stock Mustang GT's.

The shaft is a "heavier duty" model.

Also the ring and pinion installation kit # M-4210-B1 is necessary as the pinion bearing is different (a high torque model).

The bearing is a longer cone shaped bearing housing and the bearings are narrower, longer and more numerous.

This kit is on back order (the special bearing is made in Sweden). Alex found possibly the one and only kit left in the U.S.? More are on the way though.

While tearing out the rear, Alex suggested spending a couple of hundred extra bucks for a Ford Racing Rear differential Cover (or as ford calls it a Girdle)

Part # M-4033G-2.

It is a light weight 356T6 aluminum casting which replaces the stock cover and provides additional support for the differential bearing caps.


Also sanded and painted the drive shaft and rear axle. I pitched a bitch to FORD about producing and selling new cars with rusty components (to NO avail).

In this day and age of extreme world competition, there is NO excuse for FMC to continue to do this. Frustrating to have nice power coated suspension components from the Ford racing mod, and then rusty stuff from the factory...


ANYWAY, I do love the car... -Tom

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Congrates on your new gears,

I'm suprised he didn't suggest installing an Eaton Trutrac differential, IMO better money spent then a reinforced diff cover... chances are you'll be in there again replacing the clutch pack in short time.. Of course both the diff cover and Trutrak would work together to make the rearend more robust and able to survive alot of abuse...




Maybe you have a factory freak?? but I own 2008 SGT #527 and when I upgraded to a 1-piece driveline (now in my storage unit) is identical to the one beside it that came out our 2006 GT/Roush. Also the standard bearing kit for a GT worked just fine when installing my 3.73.'s :headscratch:



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OK, I live in Laporte, so when can I get a ride in your SGT???? Very curious how the 4:10's would feel! And give me some contact info on Alex and where his shop is, never even heard of it!


Money Maker Racing is on Johnson Road, just north of the Waterford Inn Bar. The building is on the west side of the road and is way back off the road and UNMARKED. You have to drive through a gated fence area that houses another company building closer to the road.


Money Maker is in the butler building behind it, off to the side.

He does have a FORD RACING decal in the office window, visible when you pull up. Alex is relatively new to the area (from Illinois), but has been in racing for over 25 years.


If you want, you can call my cell; 219-728-7521. -Tom

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