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my buddy Bob's 2007 Mustang GT


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My buddy Bob came over tonight to check on my progress with my SGT. While he was here, I took a few pics of his new setup.

It's an 07 Mustang GT that's been rebuilt twice (thanks to some crappy regrind cams from BBR).


He's now running new billet BBR cams, a forged 5.0 Eagle kit, Whipple 550, ZEX nitrous, plus a whole lot more mods. He and I have a lot in common with our aversion to anything stock. He's a drag racer and has done pretty well with this car. This setup put down 568 RWHP and just under 500 ft/lbs. He runs an 11.4 in the 1/4 mile in this vert (before the juice).


The roll cage was a custom build from Maximum Motorsports. He's running BMR rear suspension and FRPP front suspension. The hood is a Cervini's hood with billet ram air inserts that he designed himself and had cut locally. The hood, trunk, and bumpers recently received a SuperSnake style 'ghost' red stripe. The rest of the car was cleared many times. His car isn't my style at all, but it's certainly a head turner either way.







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4.10's and some typical DR's. Not 100% sure on the tread he runs.

I know he has a hell of a time hooking it up. It makes tons of torque down low, especially after the stroker build.



I'll bet with slicks, he's in the 10's. And disconnect the front sway bars for weight transfer. :lurk:

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