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I think im going with the race style arms. I dont want to have any issue with breaking bushings. Im preparing my self for some nvh (how bad can it be)


Shelby has a complete set of uppers,lowers and pan hard bars

steeda has a really nice uppers and lowers

maximum motorsport only has really stout lowers


i plan on having decent power with a kb or whipple in the future. I sunday cruise the car with some intent of drag racing it on the 1/4 mile


any opinions would be great if sfadachi is around i think he is the only one that has had poly bush and went with race ends. I wonder how he feels about having the race ends in for regular drving

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On my lowers, (BMR) I've got polly bushings at the bodies mounting location and Spherical ends at the axle and I love it. I guess it translates a little axle whine, but it's not anything I can't live with. I'm also glad I went w/ an adjustable set of lower control arms. When I installed them to the stock factory length, the tires were sitting forward the wheel wells. A couple twists, and everything was centered right up.

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