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GT500 Registry


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It is time that we started a registry - we have several domain names and we can incorporate it into this site.


The BIG QUESTION - who out there can make a data base to drive the puppy :idea:



That's an *excellent* concept, Robert. Not that I have a clue how to organize it or anything, but I think it's a great idea!

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Being the "not computer-savvy" person that I am, here's what I'm wondering:


Are you looking to do something similar to what Yellow Mustang Registry does? If you're not familiar, they use an online form, and I believe they review that info prior to adding you to "the list".




Would the page be a place to keep the list, where owners could click an email link and send the info in themselves?


What areas are you looking to cover? A build #. colors, owners name, etc? Will there be corresponding pics?


I'm just trying to get a feel of what you have in mind. I'll help in any way I can. :)

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