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Check your hoses/clamps

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I'm posting this as a head's up to everyone. I went on a GREAT cruise yesterday for about 2 hours up in the mountains. I was way out of the way of any populated areas and carving up and down the turns nicely. The weather was perfect and the air cool. The Shelby handled it all very well.


Until, I hit a 3-mile flat straight and noticed "smoke" pouring out the rear. I had just replaced axle seals (Thank you Willow for tearing those up!) and I thought it might be an issue again. I backed off the throttle and the "smoke" subsided.


I coasted into town and found an open gas station. Popped the hood and found coolant all over the firewall. Opened the reservoir and found it empty. Checked all the hoses and didnt' see anything.


A local guy pulled up and we started talking and he thought it may have been a heater hose since it was along the firewall. Until, we found that it was actually a hose clamp on a piece of tubing from the coolant crossover that runs underneath the Whipple snout. There's a male-male sleeve that fits into two ends of the hose. The one clamp which is plastic? had acutally come loose? After awhile I figured it would be from the heat maybe?


Anyway, I thought i'd give you all a heads up to check your hoses and especially your clamps.... And especially the Whipple guys. It's the house from the crossover and runs parrallel to the fuel rails on the passenger side.


Needless to say, re-clamped, threw some coolant in and ran back down the mountain!

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