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My original post was deleted due to the fact I didn't display a phone number. My direct contact number is at the bottom of this offering. Also there is NO website for these cars, this is a private collection under one roof. I have the info and pics on each car on this list, call or email me if you have interest.


We have the following collection of Shelbys available.


1966 GT350 #2 condition, original saphire blue, now painted red with white stripes, black interior, 4 speed, polyglas tires, under 50k original miles


1967 GT350 #1 condition, #'s matching acapulco blue, white stripes, black interior, 289HiPo, 4 speed


1967 GT500 #1 condition, #'s matching light lime green, white stripes with black interior, 4 speed.


1967 GT500 #1 condition originally Brittney Blue now Nightmist Blue, 428 interceptor, dual carbs, auto with zero miles since completion


1967 GT500 in the process of being restored to #1 condition. #'s matching Nightmist blue, black interior, 4 speed. Car can be completed in aprox 2-3 months.


1968 GT350 #2 condition (original Red Hertz car), now painted in highland green with black interior, #'s matching drivetrain, with with console, factory A/C under 50k miles.


1968 GT500KR survivor, 2nd owner with low miles. #'s matching highland green, black interior, auto with console.


1968 GT500 convertible #2 condition driver, original sunlight gold, repainted to candy apple red white top and black interior, fresh #'s matching drivetrain, auto, under 40k miles


1968 GT500 convertible #1 condition, #'s matching white with white top, black interior, 4 speed with console, painted inlay wheels, zero miles since complete restoration.


1968 GT500 #1 condition, #'s matching black with black interior, 4 speed with console, painted inlay wheels, zero miles since complete restoration.


1968 GT500KR #1 condition, #'s matching black with black interior, auto with console, tilt away steering, under 30k original miles.


1968 GT500KR #2+ condition, originally highland green now painted to candy apple red with black interior, auto with console, painted inlay wheels, zero miles since complete restoration.


1968 GT500KR Convertible #2+ condition, highland green, white top with black interior, auto with full console, tilt steering, all correct chalk marks, original tires, very low miles.


1969 GT350 survivor, #s matching, alcapulco blue with parchment interior, 4 speed with console, very solid car.


1969 GT500 #1 condition, #'s matching R-Code SCJ, pastel grey with blue stripe and black interior, SCJ, 4 speed, V-code axle (3:91) Super Drag Pack, less than 35k original miles, all factory tags are present, supersaver spare and jack in trunk.



Also we have the following "clones" available:


1966 GT350H driver condition Hertz clone, model year 65, black with gold stripes,289HiPo, C4 auto, fiberglass hood, steel deck lid, shelby wheels, semi gloss undercarriage, 53k original miles


1967 GT350 clone convertible driver condition, acapulco blue, white stripes, white top with parchment interior, 289, auto, 42k original miles


1968 Eleanor clone convertible #2 condition, black with silver stripes, black top and black interior, supercharged 302, auto.


1969 GT350 clone convertible strong driver condition, grabber blue with black top and black interior, 302 with auto, 65k original miles


Please feel to contact me for more info, pics and offering price(s)



Sean Mossgrove



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Sorry, but for the protection of members on this site, we require more than a listing of vehicles and a hotmail e-mail address. With the amount of cars that are being listed, there should be a website with info., photos, etc.


Robert Lane is the site administrator, and his rule applies. As you can see from his statement above, for the protection on the TS members, his policy requires more than just a phone number and your last forum closing was not due to a phone number issue.


I recommend that you send Robert an email regarding this matter and see what he says.

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