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Under hood dress up covers on a 2010


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We are taking a brand new 2010 Mustang GT and adding some of the popular bolt on parts we supply at JLT, like Redline Tuning Hood lifters, CPC strut covers, CPC brake and batter covers and of course a JLT intake and custom tune.


The following instructions are basiclly the same for 2005-2009 Mustangs as well.


Next up is CPC (California Pony Cars) Strut covers and battery/Master Cylinder covers. They come in a black textured plastic finish to match the factory under hood plastic, but as you will see it looks plain. We take them a step further and remove all texture, prime and paint them to the cars exact color code for a clean look.

The strut covers are designed to cover the ugly strut bolts and stud on the strut tower.


They are made for the 2005-10 Mustangs (Without Strut Bar), but we modify them to fit the 2010 GT with the factory strut bar. A few light taps with your fist and they snap into place


The Battery and brake master cylinder covers will fit the 2010 GT out of the box, but does come in contact with the strut bar. In this finish I don’t see it being a problem, but take the time to smooth, prime and paint them and you will ruin the finish in no time. So just like with the strut covers we can modify them so they don’t touch and look great.

Remove the 2 plastic screw plugs in the cowl panel on each side of the car.

We need to move the interior sound diaphragm under the pinch weld versus on top of it. Remove the 10mm bolt, move diaphragm under pinch weld, turn body clip upside down, install bolt from the bottom upward and tighten.

It will look like this:


Slightly bend down the wire harness clips and slide the cover into place clipping them on the pinch weld and reinstall the plastic push pins.

Here they are unpainted:



While the out of the box, black texture finish looks better, smooth and painted look so much better.




Pricing on these CPC parts:

Strut Covers $59.95

Modified for strut bar $15

Painted body color $25


Battery & Master cylinder covers $89.95

Modified for 2010 $TBA

Painted body color $50


These parts are NOT ready as of now for the 2010, but we are working on getting them on the site and ready to ship

You can find these and other dress up parts here: JLT Appearance parts


Thank you


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