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Installing hood lifters on a 2010


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We are taking a brand new 2010 Mustang GT and adding some of the popular bolt on parts we supply at JLT, like Redline Tuning Hood lifters, CPC strut covers, CPC brake and batter covers and of course a JLT intake and custom tune.


These directions are exactly the same if you have a 2005-2009 as well.

One of the first things we do to any Mustang is get rid of the factory prop rod and install a set of Redline Tuning Hood Lifters. Though we have been selling these for years, we just started to paint them body color as an added custom touch.

These are very easy to install using the great directions from Redline Tuning.

Measure 27.5” from the rear corner of the hood and 8” off the plastic cowl panel and mark these spots.

Drill 2 small holes in the hood and 1 in the body pinch weld.


We like to put some touch up paint on the hole in the body for protection.


Bolt the lower stud to the lower hole and using a rivet gun, rivet the hood bracket to the hood with supplied rivets.


Hook piston end of shock on lower ball stud and lock in place and snap body of shock onto the hood bracket.

Remove the prop rod and install second shock and your done.


Slowly raise and lower the hood a few times to lubricate the shock and when opening, simply assist hood to the half way point and let it open on it’s own. It will slow it self down and come to a soft stop. Great product!


Redline Tuning Hood lifters at JLT

$84.95 (black)

$119.95 (stainless)

$134.95 (any body color) call to order color




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