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Water in my trunk?


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It rains here in Vancouver. I mean it rains a lot.


The other day I parked my 2007 GT 500 convertible outside overnight. The rain was heavy and there was a strong wind. The car was parked on a very slight incline, with the right rear at the lowest point. The next morning I noticed that the carpet in the trunk was wet. On further investigation I found about 2 inches of water down the well on the far right side of the trunk, a little water in the center (tire inflater area) well, and none in the left well. The trunk was closed properly, and the car has never been in an accident which might have put thinks out of proper alignment.


The water has not reappeared, but it has not rained as hard, I have not left it outside as long and there has been little wind.


Anyone have any thoughts how the water got in? I'd like to avoid having it happen again.

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