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Might Be a Long Shot...


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I have all 4 tires and wheels with about 700 miles on them. Could I talk you into a whole spare set or a tire wheel combo?


Unfortunately my funds are limited and I wouldn't want to jip you. :cry: However... at some point in the near future (probably by the end of next summer) I'm going to need fronts... So two fronts and one rear? How much would you ask for the rubber?


It's a long story... I ended up buying two tires from another TS member and sold one of them, and now I'm left with a new tire. I thought I would ask here on TS before I bought one through Tire Rack.


Stock #389065129. Still available from GoodYear.


Yessir, thank you. Far as I've found, the cheapest F1's are on Tire Rack - anyone know anything different?

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How much on Tire Rack? $353 through Ford. I could even do a little better if you lived closer.


*Edit* you got it ^^^^


It's weird to find sometimes, but they do run specials on them (still current it looks like). $120 for fronts (255's) and $165 for rears (285's). Plus shipping, etc., of course:


Tire Rack - Goodyear F1 Supercar

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