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CS 69 rims been changed

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I just bought a black 18" 9.5 CS 69 rim to replace the one I scuffed at last years bash at the LA Embassy Suites. When I ordered the new rim, it has "Shelby" etched on the polished lip in black. Nice looking but my other rims do not have this. The part number is the same as the ones I purchased a year ago. I guess I need to buy one more and maybe put them on the back.


I know the special edition CS 69 only comes in the 20" and with a blue center cap with signature. Did they change the 18" CS 69 rims?

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When I ordered my 18in CS69s back in May, I was surprised to see the CS script on the lip as none of the sales photos showed it. When I questioned it with the selling vendor, they referred me to CS Wheels, who in turn told me it was a design change and that all CS wheels are now being made that way. When talking with the folks from Shelby Wheels, they told me there might be some old stock laying around and they would be willing to try and find 4 without the script. I did not want to incur double shipping, so I just kept them. Might be worth while to give them a call.

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