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Ordered these valve and coil covers today...


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Ordered these valve and coil covers today. They are supposed to fit the 2010s. Thoughts?










I have the same combo in mind for my 20-10. The only problem I have is, how to get the build plate/sticker off of the OEM covers and onto the FRP covers.



Phill Pollard - Co. Springs, CO

2010 Kona Blue/White GT500

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Try thin momofilment line & go slow should work.


It's a really thin aluminium sticker. I use a similar method to tag motors I build. I take a roll of aluminium tape and punch "P&S Racing" into a piece then stick it on the block. It's pretty much impossible to get off without distorting the sticker, and I do that for a reason. (so someone can't transfer it to another motor).


I've had success removing sticker goo using WD-40. I was thinking about spraying WD on the edges of the GT build sticker and letting it soak around the edges into the goo, then GENTLY pulling the sticker off, re-gooing and putting it on the new covers.


I just wanted to wait until somene else found success before I screwed MINE up! LOL


I"m still waiting.....



Phill Pollard

2010 Kona Blue/White GT500

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