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Detailing Question


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I use this from Showcar (Steve) who runs a detail business: http://www.showcardetail.com/JetSpeedDryer.html


I also use his products and could not be happier. I am a former Zaino guy who has made the switch. This product is designed specifically for blowing water out of the creases in our cars. Sure works for me and Steve is a great guy.



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You're not lazy you're smart.


I'll let you in on one of ol Steve's secrets............


Purcahse an electric leaf blower or shop vac with a removable motor/blower. Yeah I know that's no secret tip but this is.


Purchase one of these or something similar:


Secret Tip


This simple item turns an electric leaf blower or shop vac blower into a many useful tool with the now variable speed. Low speed for delicate areas, up to full speed for general use.


This set up is also useful for many household chores such as furnace cleaning, electronics cleaning, etc. Of course use the lowest speed for cleaning dust out of electronics.



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I bought one for my Harley a couple of years back......it works great on cars as well........it is an electric unit with dual fans, intake filters (to make sure air is clean) and a heater to warm the air and expedite the process. Dry time on a car about 20 minutes.

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I use a gas powered leaf blower on the car and motorcycle.... I use it to blow leafs too.


If I were to get one just to blow dry vehicles I would go electric and small. I'm guessing electric will have a little cleaner air flow, they are lighter to hold when trying to blow off the roof/top of hood, and they probably have a lower CFM (I think that's what it's called)...lower blower power.

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I bought the DIC-20. It WORKS.


Ditto. I havn't Dried my car since I bought her two Years ago and it Shows, or more like nothing shows. The Paint is Perfect (at least how it came from factory) no swirl marks-Nothing. Yes it works,Period. The hotter out the better and in the sun as well. Use a Pressure washer Gas/electric so you are using WAY LESS water than a garden hose and the Resin will last 15-20 washes easy(which is 2 years in my case). The only spots if any will be from Soap you did not fully rinse away.


P.S. = As much as we spend on all the different Mod's to our Car's, 3 hundred ain't Shiat. jmho.

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