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S H E L B Y spacing on trunk


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Has anyone had success with a stripe delete car doing this? I am worried about getting them all even vertically.


That is my issue now, the spacing is spot on from side to side but up and down there is some variance from letter to letter


I was told there should be though because the crease in the trunk beneath the letters is not perfectly level


The reason I ask about other stripe deletes is because I don't think youd ever notice on a car with stripes, if that makes sense, cause with out them the letters are all naked and alone right there in your face

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ChuckStang - Why not just measure them based on what ever criteria you want and place them? You can measure down from the spoiler or up from the bottom of the trunk lid. In your case I would probably measure from the bottom of the trunk lid so they are parallel all the way across.

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I did mine today reusing the original letters. I popped the trunk lid and adjusted it to a comfortable working position then tied it using the springs on the lid and the hoop latch in the trunk. It was like working at a workbench and it was easy on the back. I was able to lay out the letters to get my measurments and to see how it would look.






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what did every one use to re "glue" them back down after moving them


I used Scotch (3M) 411/DC tape. It is indoor/outdoor mounting tape. It has a picture of an address plate with 4353 on the package. It cost about $5.00. see this video



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