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Scratched Console


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Coincidence? Maybe. Anyway, while detailing the interiors of our 2006 GT-H and 2008 SGT this weekend I noticed a scratch on the driver's side of the center console on both cars in almost the same locations. Scratches are not noticeable unless you move the driver seat all the way forward as they are hidden by the side of the seat back. Too far back and too high up to have been caused by engaging the seat belt buckles (which has no sharp edges).


Possible assembly issue when seat is "jockeyed" into position for assembly and hardware scrapes side of console??


Anyone elese notice this?


Thanks in adavance for any responses.

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Didn't mean to get anyone "twisted" with this subject....just an observation......


I'll just add this one to an already long list of "character" traits........


Sometimes I think if my Shelbys get anymore "character" they will start developing multiple personalities

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