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Proof there is no doubt...

dave c

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Never a doubt here... :hysterical:


Great time !!


Thanks Guys finally made it down the track without breaking an axle.

The way to launch these cars 3750lbs with me in it, I installed a line lock switch on my shift knob and when I line up to the tree I activate line lock and roll into lights with a little brake on ... when I lift on clutch pedal I release button and no shock to drive line. I belive the car would get into 10.8 and possibly 10.7. Island is known for poor 60' times but 1.45 did inpress me, when viewing video my ET drags are spinning off the line. I will try to post video tomorrow. There is a track rental in late November at Atco... I was told that this is the fastest track out here, duh thats where I broke 2 axles. Next time out going to remove front sway bar to try get wheel or wheels off ground. Couldn't resist tow truck and launching 5500 rpms.




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