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The Next New Shelby


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In this month's (April) Car and Driver --


Brock Yates says that Shelby and Ford are working on a new project - a V-6 supercharged Mustang pumping out 350 hp.


No production date yet.

Are you sure you're not thinking of the SHELBY CS6 MUSTANG seen here:




From the page:

"What we have created is a intercooled, supercharged V6 Mustang that will eat up any stock V8 Mustang GT on the road today in the areas of raw acceleration, top speed, quarter-mile ET, cornering, and braking, and look fantastic doing it. We are scheduled to start upgrading customers' V6 Mustangs on March 1, 2006. Check our website for an order form soon, and let the new legend begin!"


This is being licensed by Shelby...

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