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So many choices, but there can only be one!


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My wait is coming to an end. The dealer has informed me that my GT500 is coming next week! I have to say that the waiting hasn't been the hard part, but seeing all of the other color available put doubt in my mind. My top picks where, black on black, red with black, grabber blue with white, white with silver. All great color combos, but I can only own one. I have to say though, that if Ford would have offered Sunburst Gold with black stripe as an option, it would have been a no brainer. Most would disagree, but have you seen a GT with that color combo on the dealer lot? I have to say that it's got a very cool vintage muscle car look to it and the Shelby package would have taken the color over the top. Anyway, my dream of owning a Shelby will soon be a reality. The black with black stripe monster will be mine in 7 days. ;)

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