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misc racing gear

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What other racing specific stuff do you have in your car or for yourself?

Here's the helmet I use (and I love it):





So far I've used my Mechanix gloves. Last track day, the SAAC tech told me that in a fire, they'd melt to my hands. Great news.

So here are the ones I've been eyeballing:





Lastly, I have no shoes. I wear DC's, which are NOT great for driving in. And hell, they'd probably melt to my feet.

So it's a toss up between the Shelby shoes (depending on feedback here) and these:





Any input as always is much appreciated.



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I've got some stuff I've had for years (all nomex) - but - I need to get it all out to see what it is! I do have a new helmet, though. Maybe I'll get a chance to photograph this weekend....

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I have a

simpson CF stingray helmet

Hans professional device

Sparco underwear garments

sparco x light 300

sparco gloves

sparco boots


In my opinion, I would rather spend $3000 on my safety than $3000 making my car faster.

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