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Mustang Redesign Delayed


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Word around Dearborn is that the Mustang's "refresh" has been pushed back by 15 months. :do what:


This could be due to a few factors:


- A strategic decision to stall for time to see what GM and DCX are planning.

- Plant capacity considerations for a L/M model (s).

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Interesting. My thought immediately went to $$$ constraints, but you made some good points.

Additionally, it could be technical issues (ie: stylist's designs aren't feasible for mass production), but who really knows? :headscratch:

I just fear that Ford's bean counters control the company too tightly, and this could (eventually) contribute to the company's undoing. All speculation on my part...

It could be as simple as the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" mentality, but I think in this highly competative global market, they had better stay on the ball, because the ball rolls quickly these days!

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