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Halloween Doodle--Terlingua Style....


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Thanks! Now here are two quick Terlingua-ish pencil doodles from last night while watching "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie brown."

(Don't know if I'll ever make finished versions of either one.)





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Thanks, and I guess next up for me will be the FTB Christmas layout, but a T-day balloon design would be pretty cool too!


(I did carve a "Link" pumpkin, but not the happy with the results--ran out of time to slice up a second one today.)

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Blip, how come you don't have a link attached to your sig?





Because the site is sooooo out-of-date I didn't want anyone to know about it...... :o :eek5: :rip: :bag:

(Friend designed it for me years ago, but I never learned how to use Dreamweaver s/w to manage it.)



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