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GTR Annual Car Show & Dyno Day


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GTR High Performance (Rancho Cucamonga, CA) will be hosting its annual Mustang Car Show/Open House and Dyno-Contest event on Sunday November 15th from 9am-2pm. Last year, over 125 of Southern California's hottest Mustangs and a couple hundred Mustang Enthusiasts were in attendance. GTR's event has blossomed into one of the best "can't miss" car shows around.



Dyno Pulls - $50 for 3 pulls with A/F ratio, HP, TQ, print-out etc. And if you're one of those big HP cars prizes for the win! Last year I think it was a 5.0 that put down like 650HP or something like that.



Guys -


GTR High Performance in Rancho Cucamonga is hosting their annual car show & dyno day. Last year Jim, Rick, Dave and myself held up the Team Shelby side of the house. They gave us a great spot in the parking lot. If anyone is interested, please let me know ASAP as they're offering up Team Shelby members another designated area. It would be ideal if we had at least 5-6 cars to show up to get the reserved area.


As an added bonus, they'll be running their Dyno as well. If you've ever wanted to "know" how many pony's are making it to the ground (at least at that moment) now is your chance. I think they gave like 3-pulls on the Dyno last year for $30 or $40? Don't quote me on that, i'll get the price.


Let me know ASAP of who's in!

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I'm planning on showing up at 7am for the show. The show starts at 9am - 2pm. It will likely go longer than that, but you can take off whenever. If you want to Dyno your car, you can sign up the day of the event, but it's best to do it ASAP as they day will fill up quickly. I was at GTR last night and there's some great vendors who will be on site to show off their latest as well as some exclusive SEMA cars.

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We're meeting for breakfast at the Denny's at the 10 Freeway, exit Miliken. Denny's is right there on the North West side of the 10. We'll be there at 6am. GTR is just 5 mins from there if that. We plan to roll into GTR around 7am/730am.


The address to GTR is:

8678 Utica Ave., Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

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Had a good time meeting you, Rick, James and Burr. Now I'll be able to put a face to the names. It was a decent turnout & glad we were able to get the dyno done early as it was getting busy fast. GTR seems to have a good following of customers, you and Rick included. I was impressed.


For those interested, totally stock, my best run was 287.03 hp & 277.53 tq. Now to start working on increasing those numbers...


See you all again at the Vegas Bash.



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Weather was perfect, show as packed, most people I have seen there. I also got to meet a couple more TS members which is always good, Cliff will have the pictures as he is the camera guy, Location of the show is good, but they need a bigger place as they have lots of people who attend this show, Rick

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