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Evolutuion Stage I complete and installed !


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I receieved from Evolution, the Stage I kit this am. Since I only worked a 1/2 day I started taking the stock intake off and assembled the JLT CAI right at the dealership.


Really a nice piece and fits real well. If you read the directions ... they may say this .. but i took the strut bar off .. installed the JLT intake ... and reinstalled the strut tower bar


I did do a few things different after reinstalling the bar. I put 3 small washers per bolt from our parts dept and raised the strut tower bar by a 1/4 inch +/- . used about 3 washers on each stud. It was enough to give me clearance with out having to worry about adjusting the TB coupler on an angle which i believe the instructions prob say. I tend to be anal about stuff and this gave me lots of clearance with no obvious down side so I was happy. :hyper:


I really didnt read the directions from top to bottom ... but its a pretty simple install. Had to get a tech though to tell me how to get one connection off the stock air intake tube. All in all pretty simple and well designed.


IT LOOKS GREAT .... really does .... forget about the functionality .. it just looks good!


The flash was simple .. attach it to your port ... save the the stock setting and down load the new setting. DONE


Impressions ... Very very fast. You actually feel the difference. Boost went up 1 PSI too ... Im hitting 10 and the blower was alot louder ... u could really hear it whine.


The car just picked up. It was incredilbe. Like driving a different car. Very smooth but kicks u deeper in your seat. I am really curious how much HP and torque i picked up. Its a bunch ... that I will tell you.


Im going to get it dynoed as soon as possible and will release the numbers.


One thing .... I am reconsidering the gears. Our shop couldnt get them in today so they go in after xmas.


The car picked up so much on just the tune/CAI ... I got to think about that. Stock .. the car was fast .. with the tune/CAI .. the cars a beast but can be tamed .... with 410 gears .. and the tune/CAI .. dunno ... just dunno.


I've raced on many road courses ... Mid Ohio ... Hallett ... Road Atlanta and Sebring Int Speedway. So trust me when I say ... "I am use to fast cars." So behind the wheel of car, not much scares me.


This car is getting to the point of being scary fast !


"To do 410's or not .. thats the question to be"


Fred, Evolution thanks great product!




ps I pruufed red this time !

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