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2007 Shelby GT Production Begins

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Carroll Shelby with the first 2007 Shelby GT. Click here for hi-resolution photos.


* The new Ford Shelby GT is the third model in the modern Shelby Mustang portfolio, joining the 500-horsepower Ford Shelby GT500 and Hertz rental special, Shelby GT-H.


* The 2007 Ford Shelby GT will be priced a starting MSRP of $36,970.


* The first production-built Shelby GT, CSM No. 07SGT0001 will go over the auction block in support of the Carroll Shelby Children’s Foundation at the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Collector Car Event on Saturday, January 20th.


* Ford Shelby Mustangs have proven extremely desirable: The first publicly available Shelby GT500 sold for $600,000 in January 2006, the first Shelby GT-H sold to the public commanded $250,000 in late July, and Shelby GT-Hs coming off Hertz rental duty are selling for $68,000-$90,000 at auction.


StangsUnleashed.com – The first Ford Shelby GT CSM No. 07SGT0001 will fire up its engine and drive out of the Shelby Automobiles build center in Las Vegas in celebration of the start of production of the third model in the modern Ford Shelby Mustang portfolio. The Shelby GT features a 4.6-liter V-8, classic Shelby design cues, and performance modifications and will be priced at $36,970 MSRP including applicable taxes and destination and delivery.


“I couldn’t be more excited to see production up and running on a new Shelby Mustang,” says Carroll Shelby, CEO and Chairman of Shelby Automobiles, Inc. “The new Shelby GT is a great addition to the Shelby GT500 and Shelby GT-H, and it will only further the lead that Mustang has in the coming muscle car wars.”


The Shelby GT is the third modern Shelby Mustang produced through a collaboration of Ford and Carroll Shelby. In addition to the 2007 Shelby GT500, Ford and Shelby created 500 copies of the Ford Shelby GT-H, which are available to rent through select Hertz rental centers.


The Shelby GT joining the Ford line-up is the result of customers and dealers demanding a retail version of the Shelby GT-H. Ford and Shelby Automobiles were able to capitalize on much of the development work that was done on the Shelby GT-H, and put together a ‘Go Fast’ production program delivering the Shelby GT in six months.


“The Shelby GT500 has been a huge success, but we have been overwhelmed at the number of people who want to buy a retail version of the Shelby GT-H,” continues Shelby. “The Shelby GT will perfectly compliment the GT500, just like the original GT350 and GT500 did back in the 60’s.”


Be first on the block to own the new small-block Shelby

The first production unit of the Shelby GT will be auctioned off to support the Carroll Shelby Children’s Foundation charity at the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Collector Car Event in January 2007. Classic Shelby Mustangs have always been a crowd favorite at Barrett-Jackson auctions, pushing muscle car prices to new heights, and the modern Shelby Mustangs have proven to be no different.


In January this year, an early production Shelby 2007 GT500 sold at the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction for $600,000, with proceeds benefiting the Carroll Shelby Children’s Foundation. On July 28, a Shelby GT-H was sold for $250,000 at EAA AirVenture, with proceeds benefiting the Youth Eagles aviation education program. Now, some of the first Shelby GT-Hs are exiting the Hertz rental fleet and going to private auction where they are consistently averaging between $68,000-$90,000 in sale.


Shelby-inspired performance, proven by Ford Racing

Under the hood, the Ford Racing Power Pack includes a 90 millimeter cold-air intake and a new performance engine calibration for improved response. The high-flow exhaust system with X-pipe crossover offers better power delivery and a throaty V-8 exhaust note. A shorter 3.55:1 rear-axle ratio is installed to capitalize on the Shelby GT coupe’s extra power when accelerating off the line. For Shelby GT models equipped with a manual transmission, a Hurst short-throw shifter is installed for more precise shift action.


The Shelby GT driving dynamics are fine tuned with the Ford Racing Handling Pack, which was developed by the same engineers that developed the Ford Racing FR500C, which won the 2005 Grand-Am Cup Championship. New coil springs drop the overall ride height by an inch-and-a-half for a more aggressive stance and lower center of gravity. Stiffer dampers and front swaybar further enhance cornering feel and body control. To showcase the key performance modifications, Ford Racing painted all the key suspension components, including the damper, spring, and swaybar Ford Racing Blue.


A front strut-tower brace adds additional strength to the chassis structure, and P235/55ZR18 high-performance tires maximize the benefits of the chassis upgrades.


Shelby GT models will begin as a stock Mustang GT assembled at AutoAlliance International assembly plant in Flat Rock, Mich. The cars are then shipped to the Shelby Automobiles facility in Las Vegas for modification before delivery to Ford dealerships.


2007 SHELBY GT: Articles, photos, videos and more.

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